Kathleen Donohoe
Native Irish Singer
Kathleen Donohoe is a native Irish singer, now residing in Atlanta, Georgia.
Infusing her brogue and fiery passion into songs she has spent a lifetime in collecting, she has been invited
to sing for numerous Irish dignitaries,  the Governor of Georgia, Sonny Perdue and Frank McCourt (author
of Angela’s Ashes).

Widely known around Atlanta and beyond, Kathleen has performed at venues including the High Museum,
Fadó Irish Pub,  Eddie’s Attic (Decatur), Kevin Barry’s (Savannah), Murphy’s Restaurant in Atlanta’s
Virginia Highlands, Ri Ra (Ree raw) Atlanta, and in surrounding states.

Offering a typical Irish hospitable style, Kathleen can guarantee you authentic Celtic entertainment by
drawing on her huge collection of songs in the Irish language or in English or by blending with local
professional musicians on harp, fiddle, flute and Irish pipes. When appearing solo, she self-accompanies
on guitar and an Irish-made bodhran (frame drum).

“My great joy is in sharing songs and interpretations with listeners who are spiritually linked to their Irish or
Celtic roots, and who embrace the joviality that the Irish are known for”.

As you plan your event, visualize giving it a true Irish 'feel' . Now you’re talkin’!
Authentic Irish and Celtic Performances
Photo of Irish countryside was provided by Michael Patrick Flaherty
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